Bio Craniopathy

Bio Craniopathy restores alignment of the cranial bones which make up the skull where 80% of the nerves reside. Correcting cranial distortions releases tension on the lining of the brain and restores normal function.

We specialize in Bio Craniopathy and Dr. Carl Blomenkamp is certified by the Bio Cranial Institute. Bio Craniopathy practitioners are trained to help the body release tension itself, without popping, cracking or jerking. There is a membrane called the "dura mater" or dura. This membrane extends from the attachments inside our head to the middle of our tailbone or sacrum. Tension on the DURA can cause pain and problems for the nervous system. We are here to release that tension and pain using the Bio Craniopathy.

There are three levels of care for your health. We advocate the highest level of care; wellness care. Wellness care means that all systems are working well and that you are enjoying life. However, ultimately you are responsible for your health, but we are here to help you achieve the highest degree of health you desire.

Levels of Care

We are here for you to achieve wellness!

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Foot Orthotics:

We custom make foot orthotics to help balance the arches of the feet. This restores proper biomechanics while standing, walking and running thus relieving pain, discomfort, and stabilizing the body structure.

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